Freebase Jumping into the heart of God and back…

While standing outside his own life, Mike saw everything stretched out in linear time, a continuum of Mikes coming and going. He saw Aztec symbols, bizarre pyramids, people who had died. These are the things Mike experienced while ceremoniously partaking in a substance called 5-MeO-DMT known as Toad.

The substance’s close relative, DMT, is an active ingredient in the traditional shamanic brew known as ayahuasca, but what they say about smoking the toad is that it’s like riding a rocket to the same place of total ego death that ayahuasca takes you to by riverboat.

Mike transcends on a journey with his spiritual guide and friend Brandee Sabella, meeting with teachers, shamans and gurus from all around the world transforming their lives through unconventional methods and radical approaches to healing.

Their adventures include visiting indigenous cultures along with future breakthrough technologies for awakening and healing.

In each episode, Mike and Brandee will also be inviting their celebrity friends to join them in taking extreme measures to turn their lives around and reach their highest spiritual potential.